Get Organized! Get Prepared!

Provide your child with the tools needed to become an independent learner with a well-balanced school and social life.  

Score At The Top has developed an entirely new Study Skills Workshop designed to keep your student on track during the school year. During five (5) interactive sessions, your student will: 

  • Build a study binder and calendar (binder, student planner, and materials are included)
  • Discover the tips and tricks for efficient note taking
  • Learn how to effectively prepare for tests, quizzes, and papers
  • Set academic goals and priorities 

The workshop begins on October 19, 2020, and meets weekly until November 16 (five (5) Mondays) from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. A 1½ hour guided study hall is available after the workshop for an additional fee.

Cost: $495 for the workshop only; $895 for the workshop and guided study hall.

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The experience my son has experienced at Score at the Top has been amazing. Every time we reached out they were there to give us wise counsel. I truly believe my son (and myself) would have completely stumbled if it wasn't for the guidance and support we received from Score at the Top. We were treated like family. Any issues, questions, support or comfort that we needed to keep my son on the right path was provided for us with actual care and concern from our counselor at Score at the Top. This wonderful counselor that has worked with my son has become his mentor. All the teachers that tutored my son were beyond anything we could have hoped for. Score at The Top is the best!!!

- Lindi Meier

Score At The Top is a great group of educators dedicated to brining out the best in each student. They are laser focused and incredibly experienced. I would not hesitate to recommend.

- Jeremy Fair

Our experience with Score at the Top was great! My daughter's tutor was Tom, and he did a great job helping my daughter with her technical skills. They worked on an array of problems so that she was very prepared for anything that came at her on the test. Beyond the academics and strategies, he was a great person who helped encourage my daughter and build her confidence for the test. Her score on the last test improved substantially, and the scholarships that she will receive as a result of her scores will pay for the tutoring more than 10 fold. I would highly recommend paying for the private lessons.

- The Dye Family