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Understanding Your PSAT Scores & Their Role in College Admissions

Join us for this free, informative webinar at 6:30 PM on December 10, 2020.

If your student took the PSAT this fall, this webinar is for you!

Do you understand? 

The PSAT is a critical test that highlights how students should begin preparing for the SAT (and ACT!), and beyond that, for college. Understanding your PSAT score and future SAT/ACT scoring potential are key factors in building your college list. We have some suggestions for maximizing your scores and creating an optimal plan to prepare for future tests. 

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During this informative webinar, you’ll learn: 

• How scores and percentiles are calculated 
• Qualifications for the National Merit Scholarship 
• How college really use test scores 
• Suggestions for maximizing your scores 
• An effective testing calendar for junior and senior year 

Don’t panic about a low score

The PSAT is a key diagnostic to help identify challenging subject areas and provide clues about where to focus areas of study and SAT/ACT test prep in the upcoming year. There’s plenty of time to prepare and improve, especially if you start early, and we’re here to help!
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About Our Presenter

Since 2013, Kathy Hart has been an invaluable asset to our educational team at Score At The Top Learning Center and School in Palm Beach Gardens, first serving as an expert teacher and tutor specializing in high school English and test preparation for the ACT and SAT. In her vital role as educational consultant, Kathy guides students through the various aspects of the college planning and application process, from consulting on high school course selection and extracurricular activities to preparing students for effective college visits and interviews. That inspirational guidance takes her students through the more subjective elements of the application process, too: developing creative essay ideas, drafting essays, and improving student writing. The end product of the collaboration: applications and essays that make her students stand out! She also regularly attends conferences and visits colleges to stay abreast of the most recent admissions trends.

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