Acing the PSAT Math

This webinar took place on October 10, 2019

By: Jason Robinovitz | Last Updated: October 11, 2019

From the “comfort of your own computer,” you’ll follow one of our top test-prep tutors as she guides you through the most effective strategies for PSAT math test questions. You’ll improve your knowledge of the PSAT (and the SAT) by…

  • …completing timed mini-simulations
  • …uncovering your strengths/weaknesses during our review of all practice problems
  • …review strategies particular to the test’s various question types
  • …follow our step-by-step solutions of common questions

This webinar was held on October 10, 2019 and led by Ilene Kent, a test prep instructor, tutor, and teacher with Score At The Top Learning Center. If you're seeking individual PSAT test prep help or a professional math tutor, we can help! 

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