Blame it on the SAT!

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2008 12:00:00 AM

Do you wonder why Florida seniors often have trouble getting into their first-choice colleges? Blame it on the SAT!

Florida’s average combined reading and math SAT score remained the same as last year at 993 (out of a maximum of 1600). For individual exam sections, Florida’s average score was up two points in writing (481), up one point in math (497) and down one point in reading (496) compared to 2007. With the national average of 1017, Florida scores are among the lowest in the nation.

What this really means is that Florida students need to do more preparation for the SAT – and take advantage of the new selective reporting option that goes into effect starting with the class of 2010. Thus, juniors should start preparing for the SAT in the beginning of the school year – like NOW! – and take the SAT several times throughout the year since they can suppress scores they don’t like! Continued preparation, especially with real tests, coupled with actual test-taking experiences, will certainly lead to significantly increased scores!

Special notes…

[1] Students will have to “opt into” this new selective reporting service, but the College Board has not yet announced how students will do this.

[2] Students who attend public high schools in Florida will need to keep scores off their high-school transcript to prevent colleges from seeing scores they suppress. Call us to learn how to do that!


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