Four more chances to take the current SAT

Last Updated: Jul 7, 2015 12:00:00 AM

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The Old Just Might Be Better Than the New!

There are still concerns at this date about how students will perform on the redesigned SAT starting in March 2016. You still have time, however, to take advantage of a decade of test prep experience in preparing for the current version of the SAT ― which all colleges will accept!

The final four test administrations of the current SAT will occur in October, November, December, and January. These SAT’s will be in the same form that we’ve seen for over ten years. There are lots of real tests to work with in preparing for the current SAT – but only a handful to prepare for the new test.

Not sure whether you would do better on the SAT or on the ACT? Take an assessment and find out! Roughly two thirds of students who take both tests actually score higher on one over the other.

Because the tests play a critical role not only in college admissions, but also in merit scholarships and financial aid, explore your options now. Decide which test is best for you. Take an assessment, then prepare to score at the top! Call us today for more information about our SAT vs ACT assessment.

Find out how one family turned $1,000 investment in test prep into over $9,000 (over a 700% return)!

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