SAT for HS Juniors and Seniors: Apps and more

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For many high school juniors and seniors, it's time to start thinking ahead to college. The SAT test helps juniors and seniors get a step closer to the college of their choice.

Almost 3 million students take the Standard Aptitude Test every school year, according to The College Board. The test is generally taken at approved test centers. In 2012, more than 1.6 million U.S. high school students took the SAT at least once.

Scoring well on the SAT shows college admissions counselors how well a student will likely perform in college, It's a measuring stick, one of several that might be the difference between receiving scholarship funds, starting with honors classes or even getting accepted into a more desired (Ivy League?) university.

Testing Preparation

What's the SAT testing process involve? Essentially, the test itself checks with rigorous insight into knowledge gained so far in one's high school years. The SAT tests learning and aptitude in three key areas — reading, math and writing — which most educators feel is essential to succeeding in college.

The reading section tests students on their ability to comprehend information, vocabulary and inferences, while understanding context and overall ideas. The math section test students on how to understand detailed math concepts, while checking students' ability to interpret problems via graphs, charts and tables. Many of these math tests will also give college admissions counselors a good indication of whether or not to point a particular student toward an MBA program, statistics track or pure math career path.

Preparation Apps

There are literally thousands of SAT study preparation apps that are now available for Web-connected users, mobile phone owners (both ioS and Android platforms) and even iPads. Let's have a look at a few that can be a tech-friendly study companions as you get ready to take the SAT.

  • Ace the SAT is a free app through iTunes that gives you sample SAT test questions via your iPhone or iPad. Students answer questions on a rising scale, that is, once you've mastered an answer, the program elevates the level of questions for further testing.
  • SAT Vocab Challenge is created by The Princeton Review and tests students on their ability to fully know meanings and spellings of the 250 most common SAT test words. There are different tests on Apple devices to help students understand word definitions, synonyms and antonyms and contextual identification.
  • SAT Math Testbank offers students detailed math questions to prepare for the SAT Test math section. The real-test simulation helps you with grasping numerical concepts and makes your studying far more efficient.
  • The SAT administration group The College Board maintains an online practice test on the SAT site. It includes practice questions separated into the three main categories - mathematics, reading and writing - and offers time constraints for each section. For instance, under the Writing category, there is a practice section to improve a writer's sentence structure. Students are tested with common grammar and punctuation errors in sentences, to check the extent of their writing comprehension.

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