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Score At The Top is the premier choice for preparing students for the HSPT

Score At The Top provides students with the most innovative, creative, and successful tutoring for the HSPT, the Catholic school entrance exam. Our cutting-edge test-taking strategies achieve results that speak for themselves. There is no one better than Score At The Top for preparing students for the HSPT!

Do more than just practice... Learn HSPT test-taking strategies from the experts:

  • Build your working vocabulary
  • Become an active reader & improve your reading comprehension
  • Review the most commonly tested math concepts
  • Learn math shortcuts to save time & improve accuracy

Private HSPT Tutoring Center

Do you want the most efficient and effective HSPT prep for your child? Then our private tutoring program is the right choice!

  • Flourish with 1-on-1 attention
  • Focus on your specific needs through our flexible curriculum
  • Turn weaknesses into strengths
  • Build confidence
  • Maximize HSPT scores

Our HSPT tutoring sessions are designed to make test-takers more comfortable with the test-taking experience, to increase their scores and self-confidence, and to teach skills that are as important in school and life as they are on the HSPT. Our interactive sessions focus on test familiarity, content, and the test-taking strategies needed to score at the top of their potential. We move along at a comfortable but lively pace that offers constant opportunity for questions and answers. We begin with an overview of the HSPT and proceed to introduce the most effective strategies for each of the test’s question types in vocabulary, reading, math, and writing skills. As each question type is examined, students use their newfound strategies to solve and then discuss HSPT questions. Because the HSPT emphasizes critical reading and writing, it’s especially important to heighten students’ awareness of the reading, vocabulary, and grammar skills needed for these tests... as well as in life. Thus, we take a long-term view, motivating students to become word conscious and showing them how to work towards improved critical thinking as well as active reading and writing skills. A thorough review of the most commonly tested math concepts is integrated into the curricula, with significant emphasis on effective shortcuts, time-saving approaches, and valuable checking strategies. Students do homework in preparation for each session; that homework typically consists of a full-length test or selected test sections, vocabulary-building, math drills, and/or outside reading. With confidence-building incorporated into every session, Score At The Top students truly become test smart!

Because we firmly believe in collaboration and close contact with parents, our tutors email them a summary report after every HSPT tutoring session.

Finding the Best Tutor

Matching your learning style and personality to a great tutor is our top priority. Our tutors take the SAT and other standardized entrance exams every year and score in the top 5% – so they truly understand the test-taking process!

Finding a Partner for Semi-Private Sessions

Some students like to prepare for the HSPT with a compatible student whose needs are similar. In addition to creating “friendly competition” with a peer, semi-private students receive virtually the same individualized attention as private students, but at a reduced cost. Sign up for HSPT prep with a friend or let us match you to a great partner.

Student Materials

  • Simulated HSPTs with detailed scoring analysis
  • Focused drills with hundreds of test questions


What is the HSPT?

The HSPT (High School Placement Test), administered by Scholastic Testing Service, is a comprehensive placement test taken by 8th graders seeking admission to Catholic high schools.

The HSPT is a test of cognitive and basic skills: verbal and quantitative skills, reading, mathematics, and language. Optional tests in science, mechanical aptitude, and Catholic religion may also be included. The HSPT should only be taken once; if a student takes it more than once, the lower score is considered the official score.

The standard HSPT lasts just over 2½ hours and contains 298 multiple-choice questions divided into five sections:

Section Time & 
# Questions
Verbal 16 minutes 
60 questions
Synonyms, antonyms, analogies, logic, verbal classifications
Quantitative 30 minutes 
52 questions
Series, geometric & non-geometric comparisons, number manipulations
Reading 25 minutes 
62 questions
Ability to understand central meanings and details of reading passages
Mathematics 45 minutes 
64 questions
Mathematical concepts & problem- solving, arithmetic, elementary algebra, basic geometry
Language Skills 25 minutes 
60 questions
Capitalization & punctuation, spelling, usage, composition


Each correct answer on the HSPT is worth one point. There is no penalty for wrong answers. The raw score (total number of points earned) is converted to a scaled score ranging from 200 to 800 (similar to the SAT) and a corresponding percentile rank.